Snowed In

You are a blue ocean surrounding me. Your waves crash into me swaying me back and forth. You envelop me. White sheets surround nude and white and tan. We touch each other caressing each other’s faces and lips which place flowery kisses on the other’s lips, on the other’s skin, on the other’s hips. You put on some clothes on and get up to go to the kitchen and I’m left alone on your bed.  I throw on a t-shirt of yours. Your blankets and sheets smell like you. I inhale and exhale. Feeling special and loved. You come back with hot cocoa. You take a sip and then offer some to me holding the mug close to my lips. I sip. It’s hot cocoa and chai tea, good isn’t it? I nod. You set it on the head board. I reach out to you. (I reach out to you every way I can every day at every moment and I will never stop reaching.) Your hair is greasy and messy and with a hand reached out I make it even messier. Frustrated you smash it back down with both hands one after the other. I find this quite adorable.

The wind blows and rams itself into the house making it sound like it might blow the door down or break the windows. Snow flies around like it has a destination, but really it’s just frozen water being spat down from the sky. When I hear the howling wind a chill runs through me.

You look cold you say. I am a bit, I reply. Come here you! You jump down onto the bed which then goes swoosh swoosh swoosh. Your water bed makes waves like we are on some kind of ride. You’re on top of me tickling me giving me silly kisses all over my face and neck. Stop! Stop! I wail but the wailing never helps. I leap away from the tickles and approach the living room. I look outside. Woah. So much snow! It covers your car and a majority of the window. You click on the TV. It looks like the snow is going to continue straight til Monday morning folks…It is advised to stay in your house…driving is not suggested.

Man! Click. The TV is off. You throw your arms around my waist and snuggle me tight. Looks like we’re stuck you say with a big kiss on my cheek. I smile and think of what the white winter weekend has ahead for us.

By Mikayla Lewis