The Nude Body and Photography

I think no matter what age and no matter who you are, you should feel comfortable with yourself. I’ve seen some really interesting, tasteful, nude portraits, of normal looking middle aged and elderly people. Some were overweight and some had aged skin or old tattoos that were beginning to fade. Maybe not (or even near) “vogue model attractive” but they made for some really interesting, somewhat beautiful photographs. I’m not saying that everyone should go out and take nude photos of themselves. Really, it’s whatever you’re into and comfortable with. However, I do think self confidence is one of the most important things a human being can have, and most people don’t have any of it. This is something I’m still struggling with…I’ve also done some nude portraits myself. At first I felt uncomfortable and awkward, but by the end of the photo-shoot I was having a ton of fun. I guess I sort of gained a bit of confidence and learned a lot about myself through my nude photo-shoot. The human body is beautiful. The more reason to handle it with care, stay healthy, and admire it.