So excited for the new year and all that it might hold! I have so many plans and ideas. So far life is going is good….I suppose it can only get better! I hope my dreams and inspiration stay strong and present! Here’s to a new year! Let it be wonderful and exciting full of love, new and stronger relationships and crazy new adventures! 😉


I look different
Is it because my hair is long
Or my eyebrows are waxed
My skin is darker now
Than it has been in a long time
Or is it because I’m older
But wait maybe I’m younger
Is it the time that shows?
My appearence is young
But my eyes show old age
Is it because of the brokenness
The past months have given me
Or maybe it’s the hope
The months ahead are showing me the wisdom I have gained
From loving a man with so much of my heart and soul it the lack of wisdom that sinks deep
Is it the bitterness and fear that I feel towards those who tend to hurt me
It is like the tangles in my hair
Or is it forgiveness I’m struggling to maintain
Thats glowing through my skin
The mirror will not reveal these things
Nor is it possible to look striaght at my heart
And hear it’s honesty
Only the future holds what is now
Who I am and who I will be
And what will become of me

There’s somethi…

There’s something about it being far away yet in sight that makes it all the more beautiful and dreamlike. When something’s put at a distance it gives you a different perspective, makes you realize how much you love it when it’s around, and how much you crave it once it’s left the cradle of your arms.

“My Love”

Thick, wavy, and curly hair, soft through my fingers

A rich brown like the coat of a black bear

Big eyes full of love and emotion

Strong hands and arms that touch and hold

Native skin that turns tan under the golden sun

Lips…not thick but not thin….just right             

Rosy and as smooth as satin

Eyes full of green and blue

Like the forest at dusk

Thin but sturdy build

Tall but the perfect height for hugs and kisses

Gentle and sweet

Makes your heart feel warm like late spring in Montana

Written by Mikayla Lewis