Lead singer of Everclear, Art Alexakis

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Hey everyone, check out this photo that I took and edited from the concert I went to the other night. It was so cool to see him [Art Aelaxis of Everclear] and meet him. I’ve liked Everclear ever since the first NOW cd when I was kid. They have been with me growing up…probably got me through the tough times when I was an angsty pre-teen. Can’t believe he is 53 now. Last I remember he was in his 30’s. Haha kind of cool he has a daughter my age though. I am so happy I paid the 20 dollars to go this! Hope you enjoy this picture…feel free to like and comment. 😉

Super Hero Quick Write

Chunks of vomit came flying from her mouth as she was bent over on the side of the curb. The press wasn’t here yet and Jack was ok with that. In fact, he’d rather they stay away for as long as they could possibly stand. Day after day he was in the papers and magazines, a photograph of him, and article about how he saved another life. And quite honestly he was really sick of it. But that was not his concern right now. There was a young woman in front of him barffing her guts out and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. Nothing had ever happened like this and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. He couldn’t even ask her what her name was or where she lived. He couldn’t even help her any further. Maybe saving her life had done her less good that he originally hoped. He worried if she kept on throwing up her brain might come of her skull and exit through her mouth and end up the sidewalk.

He couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. Nearly seconds after he stopped touching her she instantly got sick. Was it from his touch? He had touched other people and it never caused harm. Or did it? He knew the press would show up soon and he tried not to panic.

Finally some peace rushed over her body and she sat down hunched over slowly taking in deep breaths.

“Are you ok-?

And before he could hardly even get the words out she began to gag and got sick again, although this time hardly anything came up and it looked painful. Jack grimaced and held his breath.

Again she took a deep breath and Jack decided she finally must be done vomiting. She looked up at him with a piercing anger in her eyes.

“Don’t ever touch me again.”

 -By Mikayla Lewis