Random little rant today cuz I really just need to rant a little….

What is wrong with me? It’s 12 o’clock and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet. I’ve been up since 9am. And I literally just noticed, hey I’m not even dressed. I haven’t even brushed my hair or my teeth yet, I really do think this is a problem. I have homework today, quite a bit of it. And if I can’t even get dressed today how am I going to get my homework done? If had energy maybe I would have a job…my own place. I wouldn’t be living at home or be living in the disastrous mess of an apartment that I’m living in in the basement of my grandparents home. I feel like a loser. A loser who is about to graduate with a degree but have nothing to do with it. Ugh. Anyway…maybe I’m just feeling a little down. Maybe it’s just environmental. Maybe once I continue this diet I’m (I’ve discovered I’m gluten sensitive and just went back onto a gluten free diet a couple of days ago) and start doing things with my life that I’m proud (or just getting out of this broken home!) I will feel a 100 percent better….until then I’m hanging in there! And I’m gonna go get dressed! Sheesh….

WHAT CAN I DO WITH AN ART DEGREE?!!!….. (Up for Discussion….please comment with advice!)

I will be graduating from college in about year…and I’m beginning to panic! What do I do with an art degree? AH! HELP!
Some helpful facts about me:
I chose art because it was the only thing I felt I could really do, plus I love it and I want to do what I love. Photography is my thing, and Photoshop is my friend. I enjoy beading and making rosaries. (although I think it would be quite difficult to do that for a living!) I am a pretty good painter, though, photography is probably my best art form and it comes most naturally. I’m fairly good at design. I like making announcements, cards, and posters. I’m also interested in fashion and make up. I am a people person and I’m friendly and easy to work with. I work hard, especially when it comes to art! I spend hours at a time in the studio (working on paintings, drawings, sculptures) and at my computer working on photos or digital drawings (etc).
I just want to find a fairly good paying job but I have no idea where to begin! (Plus I’m going to have to start paying off loans when I graduate so I will definitely need to get a job right out of college if I can find one!) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
-Your friendly blogger