Hmm Cat Conversations…

I would rather talk to my room mate’s cat as if she can understand me and conversate with me, than sit and scroll through Facebook, because even that is more entertaining and satisfying and involes more “human” interaction than scrolling through drama and politics of people that I barely more. A bunch of pointless bull! Starting to think my quality of life would be better without it.

Lead singer of Everclear, Art Alexakis

IMG_6712-1 black and white background copy2

Hey everyone, check out this photo that I took and edited from the concert I went to the other night. It was so cool to see him [Art Aelaxis of Everclear] and meet him. I’ve liked Everclear ever since the first NOW cd when I was kid. They have been with me growing up…probably got me through the tough times when I was an angsty pre-teen. Can’t believe he is 53 now. Last I remember he was in his 30’s. Haha kind of cool he has a daughter my age though. I am so happy I paid the 20 dollars to go this! Hope you enjoy this picture…feel free to like and comment. 😉