WHAT CAN I DO WITH AN ART DEGREE?!!!….. (Up for Discussion….please comment with advice!)

I will be graduating from college in about year…and I’m beginning to panic! What do I do with an art degree? AH! HELP!
Some helpful facts about me:
I chose art because it was the only thing I felt I could really do, plus I love it and I want to do what I love. Photography is my thing, and Photoshop is my friend. I enjoy beading and making rosaries. (although I think it would be quite difficult to do that for a living!) I am a pretty good painter, though, photography is probably my best art form and it comes most naturally. I’m fairly good at design. I like making announcements, cards, and posters. I’m also interested in fashion and make up. I am a people person and I’m friendly and easy to work with. I work hard, especially when it comes to art! I spend hours at a time in the studio (working on paintings, drawings, sculptures) and at my computer working on photos or digital drawings (etc).
I just want to find a fairly good paying job but I have no idea where to begin! (Plus I’m going to have to start paying off loans when I graduate so I will definitely need to get a job right out of college if I can find one!) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
-Your friendly blogger

Items to Check Out


Maybe I shouldn’t have stepped into the campus library today for a moment in between a meeting and class. It turns out I’m so intellectually curious (note, I avoided the term nerdy) that I just HAVE to check out these books (that, might I add, have hardly any or no relevance at all to my schooling or my degree…). Like I’m going to have time to read them. Pah! Is that a joke? But I figure they might be good for some downtime before bed since I’ve been struggling to relax at night. Plus! They’re free! What college student doesn’t like free? And since I’m graduating in a year (or planning on it at least) I figure I need to use the library while I can!