How It All Began; the Short Version of Why I’m an English Nerd

I’ve never actually stopped what I was doing to ask myself why I was interested in liberal arts, why I was majoring in art and minoring in English. Never did I stop to think about it until my Professor planted the question in my head. Yeah, why am I interested in English? What is so interesting to me about, writing, reading…processing literature? My interests, hobbies, and talents all just came as second nature to me. Through-out writing this essay I’ve contemplated why it is that I do what I do.

I have chosen a minor in English because it directly correlates with my art major and I believe by perusing this subject it will improve my ability to express myself creatively through words while allowing me to explore the minds of fellow writers.

Besides the obvious ‘writing is good for your future career and is a great skill to have in general’, writing and literary skills are great to have for a person who’s majoring in art or one who is planning on being expressive and ready to explore the creative realm.  According to the article “Why Major in Humanities…” by Mark Edmundson by pursing a degree in the humanities “You’ll learn to explain and sell an idea”(Edmundson, pg. 1). Much of art is all about explaining and selling an idea. If one can create something and people will buy it (not necessarily literally speaking) your work will be successful. It’s all about reaching out and pulling that person right into your piece of work.   Writing effectively and skillfully will also help me express art critiques which as a whole will benefit my critical abilities.

Pursuing English in my college career will also assist me in creating a personal and professional writing portfolio, an important goal of mine. Minoring in this subject will help me create my portfolio by educating me on revision, organization, and expression. By having a well-developed portfolio on hand so that if anyone ever asks me why I like to write or what do I write I can hand anyone an organized body of work that will clearly and concisely present my ideas.

Being a part of this degree I will be involved with others who have chosen to be a part of the humanities. I will get to know others on a professional level and possibly a personal level. Through this minor I expect to learn about culture, opinions, creativity, and personalities and I will be able to better interpret these subjects and their deeper layers. Throughout my college career and life I will come in contact with literature dealing with topics like love, romance, emotion, and the human mind and mental state. Continued contact with such ideas will help me better understand these subjects, enriching my views and developing my perspective on the people involved with them.

Imagine this; I’m sitting in my study lounge, wearing my most comfortable clothes; and laptop sitting on the table with a Microsoft word document open. My fingers rest on the keyboard and I am ready to start writing. I imagine a girl with long red hair riding horse-back on a white horse in the middle of a green field. The imagery in my head. I begin typing and through my imagination the words are spilled onto the page and it is there she comes to life.

For me writing is an art. The empty page is my canvas; it’s there and ready for me to create my own world, state my own opinions, and indulge people into what is happening inside my brain. Writing and reading is a great chance to express myself and share myself with others and for them to share and express themselves with me. With words you can say or write whatever you like. It’s one of the best the freedoms to every experience. Because I strongly believe in this I have created a writing club with a friend here in Missoula. Our writing club is all about sharing our work with each other, being open to critiques, and writing free writes together. It’s a fun way to get inspired and get writing.

Writing has been important to me ever since I learned that I could express myself and create a story. I used to write stories as a child and young teen. I hope to maybe someday write my own novel. I have yet to decide what this novel will entail. Hopefully, however, minoring in English will also be a benefit for me to explore my writing skills helping me find what I write best and what I enjoy writing the most. Certainly, this will help me decide what my novel will be about.

Something flows so heavily  and richly when reading poetry out loud. And reactions occur such as fist clenching and eye-popping when reading an exciting story. When diving into a romance you’re tossed into the sheets with the most beautiful man you could ever imagine or a thriller for example you’re thrown a sword and you’re actually there fighting a fire breathing dragon that’s twice as large as the castle you live in! You pick up an article because it looks interesting and you learn that the president struggled with depression as a young teen or that there is a recently discovered incurable disease in Africa. Words are moving and that’s why I love them. They can take you places, teach you things, and inspire you.

As an “angsty” teen I’d write poems about how I could never fit in or how the world needed more love. It was a great way to express myself and release all the anxiety, depression, and hormones bundled up inside of me. Writing has always been a way of being expressive and letting my inner me out. Along with playing guitar, drawing, or creating a piece of art I will take out my note book and write something. Sometimes it’s the only way to solve my craving for expression or the need to unleash my frustration or other caged up emotions banging on the bars to get out. Writing has always been a friend to me and I am certain it will always have my back.

Written by Mikayla Lewis